My name is Kwadwo “Kojo” Owusu, born and raised in Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana back in 1968. I started preparing food at the age of 12, inspired by my mom’s Ashanti style cooking as I assisted her in the kitchen. My blessed mother saw my interest and enthusiasm and helped me develop my skills any way she could. Since then, my love towards cooking the good and healthy recipes grew stronger by the day.

I find the cooking process meditative and soulful – in the kitchen I surround myself with the freshest organic ingredients and spices and soon they become some of the best culinary experiences my family, friends, and clients have ever tasted. And that only makes me want to become even better in cooking and do more good every day.

I am strong supporter and an innovator of African, Asian, and Caribbean cuisines and genuinely believe that traditional food can be healthy, simple, and fast.

I now reside in Finland, where I moved to in 1998. I provide catering services and blog about the food that I love with all my heart.

Please be my guest and follow social media channels of mine that appeal the most to you – there I will share some of my culinary secrets. In case you are in need of a high quality Africa, Asian, Caribbean catering services in the Greater Helsinki area, feel free to drop me a message anytime! Have a blessed day and stay healthy!