Looking back at the Alppipuisto Picnic

Alppipuisto Picnic happened on 9th of July this year and it was a first time for me to share the kitchen stand with the Elephantasy Picnic Afro Twist Kitchen there.
Alppipuisto090716 (6)
I have never served food there before and I was surprised to see how many people came over to our stand, excited and craving some good healthy food.
Alppipuisto090716 (1)
While we were only setting up our stand, we had already received numerous orders for our food, so we had to act quickly.Alppipuisto090716 (5)
We continued cooking and serving food despite the power outages and occasional light summer rain – people were hyped and the line at our stand wasn’t getting any thinner!
Alppipuisto090716 (7)
Both the menu options and the drinks were a huge hit with the public as almost everyone were positively commenting on the food and the general atmosphere of the picnic.
Alppipuisto090716 (10)
The whole picnic was incredibly well organized and the general mood was very laidback and chill.
Alppipuisto090716 (9)
People were coming with their friends, kids, family, pets and were enjoying some positive vibes in the sun.
Alppipuisto090716 (8)
Despite all the stress caused by a large number of orders and some technical difficulties we felt relieved and happy by the end of the day, which comprised of great people, good weather, awesome music, and unforgettable food that we had served.
Alppipuisto090716 (4)     Alppipuisto090716 (2)
I wouldn’t have made it without my crew and my biggest thanks go to Daouda, Arina, Arttu, and Jonas. Blessings!

Alppipuisto090716 (11)     Alppipuisto090716 (3)


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