Some thoughts from the Restaurant Day and the World Village Festival

Recently I have had a great pleasure to be a part of two wonderful events where I cooked for a bunch of awesome people.

The first event, being the Restaurant Day, took place on 21st of May and the second one, Maailma Kylässä (World Village Festival), on 27-28 of May. Both the Restaurant Day and the World Village Festival were really engaging and interesting to be a part of.

A lot of bands were performing, local shops and restaurants were present, people were super open and enjoying their day, no matter what age!

I can assure you, it was a challenging yet very rewarding week – by my approximations, I have managed to serve over 1000 people!

People who had a chance to try our meals were coming back to thank us for having tried the best vegan dish in their life. To me, this is the best reward. 


The menu was straightforward and usual to many of our clients – I’ve served the black eyed beans stew over fluffy coconut rice, with fried plantains on the side. This dish is definitely a crowd pleaser! 

I wouldn’t have succeeded during these two events without the help from my friends who helped me prepare everything from A to Z. Shout out to Joonas, Daouda, Alina, Ville, Antti, and Sami! 



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